Leprechaun trails

Monday, March 19, 2012
On the eve of St. Patrick's Day I went to our daughter's house after the kids were in bed (and hopefully sleeping) to lay out some Leprechaun Trails.

Let me back up... Last week Monday when I picked Gracie (6) up from school she was all excited because when she went back to school on Wednesday they were going to search for Leprechauns.
When I picked her up from school on Wednesday I asked her if she found any Leprechauns and she said "they were only paper" (with a big sigh and huge disappointment).  It got me to thinking about something small I could do to make St. Patrick's Day fun for both Gracie and Tyler (9).

I made out this little poem(ish) thing for them to find when they woke up telling what a Leprechaun looks like and that they really do not want to be found, 

then I set out tiny little foot prints that I punched out of White, Black, Green and Gold card stock. Thanks to my friend Sue who had this tiny little punch and helped me punch out a bunch of these teeny tootsies.
At the end of the foot print trails they found some gold foil wrapped chocolate coins and some real money coins (probably totaling only $1 each).

The kids had a big day that day at their school carnival, but having this fun little bit of St. Patrick's Day lore to start their day was an extra bit of fun.  Julie said that Tyler had it pegged as Gramma who did it, but he didn't care - they both just thought it was fun.

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