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Friday, June 8, 2012
Last night was our Down Line meeting at Glenda's with the Red Hot Stampers. 
I agreed to share with the ladies what I learned from Patty Bennett's blog on how
to turn your Stampin' Wheels into a Clear Mount Stamp. 
Since then I have seen several demonstrators show this technique,
so it may not have been new to every one, but I enjoyed showing them
how I did it and what I made.
I have liked the designs on several of the Builder Wheels, but never felt the NEED to buy
them just because they were something new out, but when I saw how you can take the
wheels and make them a stamp I was all for it.
The Builder Wheels are those two small ones you see in this photo
I cut the crayon one off and then mounted it on the Clear-Mount Cling Foam that you can find on page 7 of the NEW Catalog #124236 only $10.95 and you get two sheets that are 8.5 x 11.  You NEED to use the Craft and Rubber Scissors with this as it is VERY sticky.  The Craft and Rubber Scissors can be found on page180.  They are a little bit pricier but WELL WORTH it!! #103179 $19.95.  On this crayon one I was then able to use a variety of marker colors to make a rainbow of crayons instead of only one color when used as a wheel.  In fact, I started down my line of markers starting with the Subtles Collection, and inked a crayon, capped it, put it back in it's spot, pulled out the next one and so on and so on.  When I was done I just huffed on it and stamped it - and look what a nice image it made.  I still want to put this piece to good use on a card someday but it looks so cute in my Clear Mount Case.  Which, by the way, you can also purchase for yourself to store your new Clear Mount Stamps that you make from your wheels.  You can find them on page #7, #119105 you get 4 cases for only $5.95.  I use mine for storing my Framelits, Basic Rhinestones and Pearls, extra markers fit perfectly in them, and I use them as well for craft sale projects which you will be seeing more of those coming up soon too.
You can see I have been digging into my foam just a bit.  Remember a little
goes a long way so this is an inexpensive way to make your wheels into a stamp.

One of the first wheels I had in mind to mount was the Music Notes Wheel.
As you can see here when I would use it as a wheel I would always get
a break in the note pattern where the seam on the wheel was.
So by cutting off the rubber from the wheel right at that seam, and using an 
Exacto Knife I laid it on the Clear-Mount Cling Foam and then cut it out.  
I could then trim nice and tight around the edges that would sometimes catch 
and now I get a nice crisp clean image with no breaks and no side smears.
These two music note cards were inspired by:
Lauren Mullarkey
and Caroline Vaillant

Right here you can see I took a wheel called Bright Blessing (sorry -
newly retired) and it has a bunch of words going all which-ways on it.
I cut out one of the phrases, mounted it, and now have a great new
Thanksgiving word stamp.

 You can go to 
to see how to "un-wheel" your wheels

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Have a Blessed Day!!



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