Wedding Cake Weekend

Sunday, December 1, 2013
This past weekend I was privileged to be asked to make the wedding cake and 200 cupcakes for the wedding of one of the sweet gals who attends my Stamp A Stack Classes whose son was getting married.

I could not have done it (in such 'speedy' time) without my helpers.  Tyler spent the entire time with me in the kitchen measuring ingredients and cracking eggs.  Both he and Dale put the liners in the tins, and Dale was my "fetcher" to get the cupcakes out from the basement oven (so thankful I have 2 ovens). At night Dale made up 6 of the 8 batches of icing required for this many cupcakes!!  I just could not have done it without their help

When the cake and cupcakes were safely boxed and set aside we dove right into our next project:  GINGERBREAD!!  House and men!!
I helped Tyler with the piping, but he did ALL the decorating on his gingerbread house

Gracie had Grampa wrapped around her little finger and he helped her "dress up" all 8 Gingerbread Men

Gracie named each one...Gramma is the one on the bottom right!! and Grampa is right above her!

In between times when the icing on the gingerbread house was "setting" we pulled out the Christmas tree and decorations.  Tyler and Gracie get a new ornament for Gramma and Grampa's tree each year with the promise that when they get married they can take them all with them to start their own family Christmas tree.
They love to line up all the ornaments by the year they received them and they get to put their own on the tree.  Tyler's ornaments can now hang higher on the tree as he is almost as tall as Gramma now!

Gracie helped Grampa put the star on the top.

Tyler even made some scrambled eggs for he and Gracie for their lunch.

What a busy day! We finished it off by dining at Steak and Shake - our tradition each year on our special day.

We were all exhausted by the end of the day, it is always fun to spend this time with the kids - Memory building days!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our day with us!
Christi, Dale, Tyler and Gracie!

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