Cakes! and a Time Saver Technique

Sunday, May 4, 2014
These are the most recent cakes I have made...

A wedding in April for our Joey's childhood friend, Andrew and his wife, Corrin

This next one was for a former child care kid who turned 14.  I only had Ryan (and his brother Sean) for 1 1/2 -2 years so they don't remember me as much as the ones who got to stay longer, but I am still so thankful to have met and keep in contact with these kids and the families.
Ryan is on the Swim team and the Water Polo team at Jenison High School

This last one is for a College graduate who earned her Masters degree in Public Health

 The cute little birds, branches and flowers were made using fondant and a fondant mold.  I thought they added a cute touch to the cake as Brittany is "fleeing" college life!!

Now for the Time Saver Technique - I learned this from SIMPLY SWEETS BY HONEY BEE, and on this link she shares a link to KAREN'S COOKIES for the icing pod tutorial.  But here is my version

This is my easiest way to hold my decorator bag when filling it.  It is just a clear vase found at Hobby Lobby and I like the tall one so it doesn't scrunch my tip

 After I make the frosting I lay out a piece of plastic wrap and put a "plop" of frosting on it.
 Then I roll it up into a pod like this
 I slide the pod into my decorator bag
 pulling the plastic wrap through as shown then snip it off
 Add my tip and my coupler
 And now I am ready to decorate
This is a HUGE time save for me as well as a money saver because I can reuse my decorator bags.  When the frosting is gone I simply pull out the empty pod and insert a new one.  When doing a big order I fill a bunch of pods in advance and I'm ready to go.  I refrigerate my leftover pods that still have frosting in them by keeping them tucked in the decorator bag.

SWEET!  Thanks HoneyBee and Karen!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a delicious Sunday!
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Kendra Lynece said...

I actually photographed this wedding with Corrin and Andrew and I have the photos of their cake on my blog! {} I couldn't find you until now, but I'd love to email you the photos! Head to my contact page and I'll be happy to get you the rest of the photos. :)

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