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Sunday, August 10, 2014
In June we attended Dale's family cousin reunion.  It was pegged as a "boot-scootin' time down at the ranch."  I wanted a special card to send to his cousin who put it all together and opened their home to everyone.

I liked this card (inspired by Nancy Ferb) so I changed it up ever so slightly to suit my needs.  Then of course, I had to make some for the store to sell so the rest I made up for the cowboy boot - lovin' people as a birthday card.
This reunion was so much fun! since I have known not only Dale all my life, I have grown up knowing all of his family as well, so when I go to his reunions it is just as much my family as his. Grandpa and Grandma came over on the the boat from the Netherlands, landing at Ellis Island, NY.  Grandpa scoped out the Hudsonville area on a prior trip and fell in love with the rich Muck fields which yield the most amazing vegetables!!  Nine children and 34 grandchildren later (I haven't counted the great and great-great and so forth generations).  Of the 34 grandchildren 31 are still surviving and 24 were able to attend the reunion. This first photo is of just the cousins
We had cousins from Texas (Dale's brother), California (Dale's other brother), New Hampshire and North Carolina.
This photo is of everyone who attended.  Dale's cousin from the Waite side joined us that night to be our photographer.  He is also an Uncle to some of Dale's cousins because Dale's dad's Nephew married Dale's Mom's sister - try to figure that one out!!

Dale and his three brothers have not all been together since 2005 when their dad passed away.  You can clearly see that I got the pick of the litter!!
and of the 9 children of Grandpa and Grandma these are the only 2 who remain
We had a time of reminiscing about the cousins who have graduated to heaven

The last one we lost was as recent as last December so there were tears, but there was also a lot of laughter remembering all the fun times.  I'm so glad that all (almost) their memories are ones that I was a part of or at least I remember the stories of.  The funny part is that at this reunion my sister in law could also be with her big brother because they each married a cousin to Dale's family.  How would you like to say your brother is also your cousin?? We call it Dutch BINGO!!

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