Sentimental Sunday

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Out with the old and in with the new.
Several weeks ago we sisters compiled a plan to get mom and dad to agree to let us install a shower upstairs where their bathtub was.
Sister #1 (and hubby) shopped and chose the perfect shower for them, picked it up and delivered it
Sister #2 who comes every Tuesday to spend time with Mom & Dad was the brains behind the decision.  Her hubby came and helped with the installation
We were all worried about them using the stairs any longer. It only takes one fall...
Sister #3 (and hubby) encouraged dad that it was a good financial decision and they drove here from NJ on their way to AZ to help with the installation
Sister #4 (that's me) well, I lended my hubbies talents along with BIL #2 & #3 to install it.
 The old traditional tub
This is BIL #3 - Rich, who came from NJ on their way to AZ to spend a few days helping out.
Dale was there the same day but he was the one taking all the pictures
 Looking good!
BIL #2 & #3 (Rich & Dale) worked on installing the glass doors and doing some dry wall.
What a great addition for them and now we can feel more confident in their safety.
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