Sentimental Sunday

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Yesterday was our annual Gramma and Grampa outing with Tyler and Gracie.  It all started when Tyler was 18 months old and I had my picture taken with him, and then in the following years Grampa joined us and it was so much fun to add Gracie as a baby, and so forth.  We would go to Steak 'n Shake for dinner (the only time I think that we go there all year!) and then come back home to make magic in the kitchen.  We started with gingerbread houses and did other fun Christmasy things before they went home.  In the past three years or so we have been having our picture taken with them when Julie would have her family pictures taken so our outings have changed a bit.  One year we took them to our local museum for "NIGHT AT YOUR MUSEUM" based on the movie - THAT was a ton of fun!!  Even though Sawyer is joining the ranks with the grandkids he is still too small to come with us without Mommy and Daddy so we are looking forward to next year when we can snatch him away to come with us.
This year I had a class in the morning so Tyler and Gracie helped Grampa decorate the Christmas tree
and then we headed out to the mall where there was to be a "flash-mob" in the food court that I wanted to be a part of.

I didn't spot myself on camera (thank goodness) but I did see my 2 cousins and they must have been standing close to the microphone man because I could pick out her voice when she said "do you realize this was Mom and Dad's favorite hymn?"
What a cool thing to be a part of!!
Onward to lunch out at Steak 'n Shake and back home for our kitchen fun.
I needed to decorate cookies for todays lunch with our small group from church.  Perfect time to make MELTED SNOWMEN COOKIES.  Simply make up some Pillsbury Sugar Cookies (or make your own if you would rather) Then make a powdered sugar glaze for the top.  Microwave a marshmallow (one at a time) for 5 seconds on a paper plate that has been sprayed with olive oil. It give the look of the snowman melting. We added mini M&M's for the buttons, and I iced the eyes, nose, mouth and stick arms using my icing bags and frosting I had on hand.  I have seen it done with edible markers if you are not an icing kind of gal like me.  You just want to be sure to get the marshmallow head and the M&M buttons on before the icing hardens
What to do with the leftover marshmallow?  No fear - we popped a marshmallow on top of a Pirouette style cookie wafer stick and using Grampa's blow torch we "roasted" our marshmallows and had a cookie to boot!
What fun!!
A clean kitchen and now it is time to play a couple games.  Gracie beat us all in our favorite game of AGGRAVATION - very fitting because it was Great Grandma Katherine's favorite game and our Gracie was named after her (Gracie Katherine).  Sure wish the kids had a chance to know their great grandparents on the Waite side.
Our second game was SEQUENCE and with 4 of us we played teams with Gracie and Gramma beating the guys.
It was a big day but so much fun!
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