Sentimental Sunday

Sunday, July 21, 2019
What a BIG week we have had!!
We knew that Lucy's pups were due this week.
Dogs are unlike humans - they are only pregnant for 62 days! Oh how I Wish!!
When we did the count-down we guessed she would deliver on Thursday the 18th, but Lucy surprised us with 4 female pups on Wednesday the 17th.
I was holding a class downstair in the craft room and Dale was at work. We knew that Lucy was starting labor because of the panting, but we also knew it could take some time.
I went upstairs to check on her and on my way up I hear little squeaks and thought "oh, shoot - I missed it" Sure enough I found 2 little spotted pups and had to call Dale home from work because he didn't want to miss it either.
Still during my class he called me up, and low and behold she delivered a third pup - all black.
After a bit, and figuring she was all done, Dale went outside to help a neighbor. I came up when my class was done only to find one more pup with her. This time a brown pup. We were hoping for 3 pups, but are thrilled with 4 because we have so many people already interested in giving them a good home.
Lucy is totally exhausted in these first photos and looks a wreck. Poor, sweet, girl!
It's been fun watching her mother these pups, but I know she is missing the interaction with us. She is quite a social dog.

 Gracie has been coming over each day - she climbs right in the playpen with them.
 Katy is missing her big sister and she is wondering what all the little squeals are.
 When Dale took Lucy out for a break I got some pictures.
We've given the pups some temporary names...
 Melissa is holding Tootsie (aka Tootsie Roll), and Spice
 Joey is holding Pumpkin and Licorice
I love this last photo - It looks like Lucy is hugging Licorice. Such sweet little pups - we are so in love with them already.
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