I Think I Will Keep Him!

Sunday, April 3, 2016
For my Sentimental Sunday post today I just wanted to brag on my hubby just a bit.
We drove to New Jersey to deliver a lawn tractor and a boat to my sister and brother-in-law and to spend some time with them at their beautiful home.
Since Rich still needed to go into church each day, Dale had the privilege to spend time with just us women folk.
The weather was so nice that he was itching to get out on the lawn tractor so he cleared "the meadow" of all the twigs and branches and after he did some leaf raking he picked them all up with the tractor.
They have some really cute DIY items in their meadow.  their cute little froggy needs some new eyes and a fix for his hand, but how cute is this??!!  He is made from tires.  The mushrooms were made from old light fixtures.
Another day Dale even ventured to take his shirt off and worked around their pool area, clearing it of the winter debris.
He noticed they had a clock that wasn't working so he went to work trying to figure that one out too. This time it was a mystery.  I consider him a Jack-of-all-trades (and master of most) but the clock did not want to be fixed
The majority of the time spent there I was sitting with my foot elevated, and being pampered.  The long ride there and back was difficult to keep it up and iced.
I think I would have rather been able to be up and around helping too.
Here he is cleaning up the kitchen for us.
What can I say?  I think I got one of the good ones!!  His daddy taught him well.  I believe the legacy is carrying on with our boys as well, because both Jeff and Joey enjoy helping around the house and spending time with their wives just like Dale and I.
I think I will keep him!!
I'm so glad we spent that time with my sister and brother-in-law, but it sure did make us spoiled with the nice weather.  We went from this:
To this - when we came home yesterday (I snagged these pictures off Facebook that Dale's cousin took)
I don't think Dale is looking forward to shoveling snow this morning at church!
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