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Friday, November 28, 2014
I am not a girl who rushes to all the sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I suppose if there was absolutely something I couldn't live without I might give it a try.  Even the $10 off coupons for a purchase of $10 or more doesn't intrigue me.  The older I get the more I embrace the on line shopping and have it shipped right to my door!  Just a few more little things to pick up for stockings and my shopping is complete for this Christmas!
WHAT DO I DO on the Friday after Thanksgiving??  I get to spend the day with my grand kids while Mommy works!  Normally Tyler helps Grampa put up the Christmas tree and put on the the lights then Tyler and Gracie get to hang all their ornaments on the tree that we have bought them over their years.  This year the ornaments we purchased are to support orphans in Africa with a program called Ornaments4Orphans that our church is supporting.  When we purchase these we are helping a mom to support her children so they do not need to live in poverty.  Now, I say, this is what Christmas is about!!  These are the ornaments we chose...

A giraffe for Gracie, of course, a lion for Tyler a zebra for Sawyer and of course I HAD to get a little elephant for myself!!  I love having one more grand baby to buy for this year!!
This year is a bit different as Tyler is getting older and has more opportunities to do things - he is hunting today with his karate Master, Master Rick!  What an amazing connection this has been for Julie and Tyler - it is WAY MORE than just learning Karate - they have a whole second family with them and we are so very thankful!!
Gracie, Grampa and I are spending the day together so tune in tomorrow for our SWEET SATURDAY post.

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