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Sunday, November 2, 2014
Gracie had the day off school on Friday, but Tyler still had school so Gracie and Gramma had a day to spend together while mommy worked. Gracie was a big help while I worked on the cakes for the wedding (check out yesterday's post) then we went to visit Sweet Sawyer.  He was bouncing along in his bounce seat when we arrived!  How fun to watch him do new things each week by reaching for the toys and giggling
 Gracie and Sawyer
 Gramma and Sawyer
Gracie and Gramma had a delicious lunch at McDonalds before heading out to spend Gracie's birthday money.  Her goal was to find Snow Glow Elsa and it must be EVERY little girls goal because this doll was not to be found that day.  Gracie had a great attitude and said she will just put it on her Christmas wish list.  I was so proud of her - amazing how grown up she is at 9 years.  One of her favorite things to play with is SHOPKINS - tiny little food related characters so she the money from her friends to buy those.
I think she counted that she now has 25 of these cute toys - I tell you what - I would have LOVED those little toys when I was a kid.  The more little pieces the more fun I had!  Right Phyllis Minnaar Fris!! We would play for hours with the little aliens that we found in the Apple Jacks and Froot Loops Cereals.
Gracie and I decided to check out the stores in the mall and when we walked by the BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP and she saw Applejack the pony she said that she would like to try that.
This was her's and my first adventure at BUILD A BEAR
The clerk was dressed as a NERD for Halloween!
 Gracie chose a heart, made a wish and gave it a kiss and placed it inside
 Gracie got to activate the foot pedal to fill Apple Jack

 A quick wash and brushing at the shower station
 She chose one outfit and when we got home she activated it all on line.  She is so smart on the computer, just like her mama
What a fun day!
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