Sentimental Sunday

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Our Sweet Sawyer is dealing with another "issue"
I was so thankful that Jess asked me to go with her when she brought him into the Children's Emergency.
OKAY - just so we get this straight - it wasn't an EMERGENCY, but his doctor was out of town and the office suggested Jess take him to the Children's Emergency.  We are so glad we did because he really got the best care there.
For several months Sawyers fingers and toes have been swelling up and turning purple. It would run in cycles where the swelling would go down then come back.
A couple weeks ago when the skin on his fingers started to split and fester that his teacher said he needed a doctors note before he could come back to class.
GOOD NEWS!! Doctor said nothing is wrong as far as being contagious/infectious!! So Thankful!!
On the other hand they were all stumped as too what is actually going on.
They kept sending in medical students to look at it because no one had ever seen something like this before.
Sawyer was such a brave little guy. He never cried when having his blood drawn, thanks to the freezing spray that they used.
 They were so great to bring in some food for them so they had a picnic right there on Sawyers bed
 Nor did he fuss when they came in to take Xrays
Lily was playing Peek-a-boo with the people passing by their room
 They both did so good - I couldn't be a more proud grandma
Okay, now here we go waiting to find out what really is causing this issue with his hands. It does not cause him pain and he is able to draw/color or pick up/play with toys as normal. The following week he saw a rheumatologist with more blood tests and more Xrays - and no answers.  
Next step - to see a dermatologist.
Please keep our little guy in your prayers.  Jess is due with baby #3 in a few short weeks so this is a lot on her plate too.
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