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Sunday, June 19, 2016
Gracie recently had her yearly dance recital.   We love to watch Julie and Tyler both in Karate and look forward to Tyler's 2nd level black belt test later this fall, but for now it is fun to watch our girly girl at her dance recital.
As I was looking back at her past years it makes me realize how much she has changed and how far she has come.
2011 December:  Her very first year - so shy
2013 Spring
2014 Spring
 2015 Spring
 2016 - she's coming out of her shell!
To us, Gracie was the star of the show.  Want to hear a story?  This is so cute!!
The program was called "Imperfectly Perfect."
It all revolved around our imperfections and how we can still be used by God.  The song that Gracie's group (of 7 girls) danced to was called IMPERFECTLY PERFECT.  As you can see in this first photo Gracie is the tiny one between the two tallest girls.  The six girls came out to begin dancing and then Gracie came in "fashionably late."  At the beginning I thought it was an error but Tyler let me know that it was purposeful because of the songs title.
They danced a bit and then Gracie sits on the bars and swings a bit.
When she dances she does it perfectly!
At the very end they all end up in a final pose and when the six girls walk off, Gracie keeps her pose perfectly (she even gave me a little wave - so cute!)  
Then she looks around like she just realizes that they are gone and she rushes off.  She is IMPERFECTLY PERFECT!!  So fun! So Cute! We loved it!  She should be an actress.
This is the card that I made for Gracie this year
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