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Saturday, August 27, 2016
Today is a milestone birthday for our youngest son, Joey!
I can't believe we are past this mile-marker with our children.  Now I know how my mom felt when I (her youngest) turned a milestone number.  I imagine she will say the same thing next year when I turn 60.  Yikes! did I really say that?
Joey had the sweetest curls.  The ladies in the grocery store would comment on what a cute little girl I had so I had to have them cut off at about 18 months.  That was a sad day!
As I reminisce over Joey's life I just smile because being a mom to our 3 amazing children has been my best "job" EVER!!  I was called to be a mom and I loved every minute of it - even the teen years!
Joey's first years were a little rough, being hospitalized several times with asthma related issues, which meant treatments and medicine and lots and lots of doctor visits.  Once he hit 2 years old it was like he never had a problem, but because of these health issues he and I bonded like I never had with Julie and Jeff.  Joey was my cuddler.  If I was sitting, he would land in my lap.  MANY nights he and I would need to sleep on the couch so I could keep him is a reclined position so he could breath.  You can see how this would bind us together. Every day he left for school I got a kiss good-bye, right through his senior year and he is the quickest one to say "I love you."
Here he is at 4 years old.  He sure was a good one for letting me take his pictures
Joey was such a fun boy (but all my kids had their extremely fun ways), He tried just a couple sports, but he really favored baseball which he excelled at all through high school.  In fact, Joey, broke a school record that hadn't been broken since 1968.  It was for the most sacrifice bunts.  What a bummer that 2 years later the coaches son broke Joey's record.
More pictures to reminisce by:  Our kids always teased me that I always took their pictures by trees.
When Joey was just a little guy he found out that a baby kangaroo was called a Joey.  Ever since then he has had a driving desire to go to Australia.  Dale and I were hoping that we would be the ones to go with him, but...looks like his sweet Melissa will be the one to join him now.  Yes, a trip there is in the works (he is a great planner).  That is why I made this card for Joey for his birthday.

Yes, I put my trusty My Digital Studio to work to help me create this card for him.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner out with Joey and Melissa last night to celebrate his birthday.  I pray that you all have great moments with your children and that each memory is as precious to you as mine are to me.
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