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Thursday, December 17, 2009
When we first got our names to whom we would be a Secret Santa to, I went to work and made 7 of these little cards to put with each gift I had planned to give to my person. On the inside (using my computer) I wrote "Merry Merry from your Secret Santa".
Then I contacted someone I knew that attended the same church where Cheryl (my person) works as a secretary. I gave her instructions to leave a gift randomly with a definite date for the last one.
Our meeting got pushed back one week so I was able to gift her one more time. "Oh, but I only had 7 note cards" you say, well here is the fun part. When I received my package of Hershey Kisses (see yesterday's post) lo and behold there was one of MY gift notes!! That is when I just had to change my mind on who I thought had my name. For sure it MUST be Cheryl or how else would she have a note card that I made, right? (As a side note here - Cheryl put a gift in my church mailbox instead of for her gal, Rachel) Guess she got us mixed up. Thanks for the chocolates anyway, Cheryl, they are yummy)
So here I think I have it all figured out only to check on my friend Rachel's blog one day and (she posted each individual time she got a gift from her Secret Santa) there, next to her gift is one of MY gift notes. Now I am totally confused and am going back and forth between who I thought had my name at the beginning (Glenda), but maybe the two are in cahoots together to throw us off.
Another day, another post by Rachel and I see she received a gift again. This time I see a gift bag like I used to gift my person (Cheryl). (I had purchased all the same bags for every gift). So now I know you are just waiting to hear who my Secret Santa was....

GLENDA!!! See...I knew it right from the start!
and look at the cool desk set she gave me for our reveal!

This is our RedHot Stamper group of ladies. Aren't they great! We had so much fun at our revealing party/downline meeting last night. Glenda showed us all the new stuff that is coming out in the Occassions Mini in January, and we played around a bit with the clear block stamps. Glenda's boys Neal and Dean helped with a game - instead of Pictionary she called Stamptionary. Our team lost :( but it ws fun anyway. Glenda also had a Make 'n Take for all of us to do together - it was the stationary holder seen in my desk set picture. Glenda also had gifts for everyone! What fun!!! Wouldn't you like to be a Red Hot Stamper too!!! Pin It Now!


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