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Thursday, June 8, 2017
Some cards are thoughtful, some cards are sweet.  This card tickled my funny bone
 The inside reads: "Hope you are feeling at least a hare better"
My friend, Carla, who sent this card has her craft room under repair and it's looking like it won't be finished until fall.  I cannot imagine not being able to be in my craft room that long.  Thankfully even though I am still not able to go down stairs to my craft room, I have a hubby who brings it all to me and I am able to work on projects and hold classes upstairs.
This thoughtful card is from Becky, my faithful pen pal.
I thought you all might like to know how I am doing,  Well, today I get my stitches out.  Yeah! I should be able to soak in a nice bath now.
We have enjoyed delicious meals from our friends from church, for which we are extremely grateful. Everything has been delicious!!  Dale especially appreciates the help because his plate is very full working full time and his side business making all natural soaps, lotions, candles, etc  You can check out his web site HERE.
Another friend came to clean and brought me a new friend - I call him Jasper
Everything is more fun with a friend!!
And look who came to visit...
I guess you would call them my grand-kitties, Willow and Bourbon.
Thanks for stopping by!
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