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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Mom's post has been high-jacked by Julie - if you already read this once - scroll down to the bottom to see my additions

Yes, I am doing two posts today, so don't get confused. Make sure you scroll down to see the cake I made for a friend in the second post.

Grandville's Craft Sale went very well for me yesterday. Thank you to those who stopped in to see me and a BIG THANK YOU to those to made purchases.

As the morning began it seemed to start much slower than the previous year and as I sat there alone I was thinking whether or not it was worth the work and cost involved to participate in GVHS Craft Sale. But as the day went on it picked up, but even so when the guys came by to see if I wanted to sign up for next years sale I was still "iffy". I did a quick calculation on how much I made and still could not make a firm decision, but then I called my friend Sue and she agreed to do the sale with me next year so I went ahead and signed up.

Right after that call my booth got extremely busy and I started selling, selling, selling and even selling out of some things. I hardly had time to breathe, and within a half hour I made about half again what I made the entire morning. Yeeha!!

Another thing that helped me to decide whether to come back to next years sale was the great people who came to my booth. Everyone was so complimentary so I thought I would share some of their kind words... Pardon me while I toot my horn...

"I've been looking for you at other craft sales, I'm glad I found you here"
"I used all the cards I bought from you at last years sale so now I need to stock up again"
"Your cards are the best"
"I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator too, but I'm going to buy some of your stuff" (for ideas, patterns, etc.)
"How can you sell your stuff so cheap?"
"See you next year"
"Wow! it must be fun to be you" - I think this is my favorite one!!
"Thank you for being here"
"I was here earlier, but I just had to come back"
"Your stuff is so cute"
"Are you going to be at any other craft sales this year?"
"You should have a store"
This one is from the lady in the booth next to me: "I'm surprised you have anything left - you've been so busy" -(and she bought a nice amount from me too)
Another GREAT compliment is when Glenda showed up and bought something for an idea for her BIG SHOT class next week.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! See you all next year!!

This is Julie - highjacking mom's post. Since I helped mom set up her blog and help her do maintenance on it - I have access to it too - he he!!! I stopped by mom's booth at Grandville yesterday and I just wanted to say how proud I am of her. Her booth was crazy busy (no one else was like that) and she barely had a chance to talk to us. I was glad to be able to help her out at least a little bit by getting her something to drink (which Gracie promptly stole from her and spilled on the floor - who was watching that kid anyway???) Okay so I was glad to help her out by getting her another drink, and I snapped a few pictures.

You're the best mom - love you!!!!!
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Julie Snider said...

Hey mom - there is something fishy going on with this post - you might want to check it out - he he!!!

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