A Day With Gracie

Saturday, May 12, 2012
Yesterday I had the privilege of a full day with just Gracie, our 6 1/2 year old grand daughter.  Our day actually started the evening prior when Grampa brought her home after her little league game and she got to spend the night.  She was a bit apprehensive about being here without her big brother, Tyler, but when I let her sleep on the floor right next to our bed she settled down and slept all night.

She knew she would be taking a bath in the morning so she prepared the night before by collecting up all her little bathtub "friends" 
and this is what we found when we went into the bathroom...
The task at hand for Gramma was to decorate a birthday cake to fill 
an order from someone at church.

Gracie loves to help with the cakes 
As we are decorating Gracie said "I wonder what a butterfly would look like with hair?"
Where do they come up with these ideas?, 
but yeah, what would a butterfly look like with hair?
Since Gramma had to do the finishing touches, I suggested that she draw a picture 
of a pretty butterfly and give it some hair.  
She collected up some paper, markers and...oohh..."Gramma, 
can I use these beads for my butterfly?"  
Who can say "no" to such sweetness?
Here is the picture she drew for the birthday girl...

So when we deliver the cake today, little Kayla will have a 
special butterfly picture from Gracie!

Next on the list of "To-Do's" we took a walk across the street and dropped 
off some newspapers to the paper gator at the church where we attend and 
where Dale, my hubby, is the Facilities Manager.
Gracie rode her scooter while Gramma walked.
See the little Beanie Octopus?
Gracie just HAD to have it when we stopped at a garage sale across the road.
"It's just like my teacher's!"
Next stop... Lunch at McDonalds!
Yes, we walked - I love living here!!  
Now I can walk wherever I want and it is all so close.
Notice the pretty feather!  A "treasure" that we found on our walk
After lunch we continued our walk about town and I'm guessing we 
packed on nearly 3 miles!
Gracie sure did a great job!
When we got home she was content to play with Ollie the Octopus 
creating him a beautiful home from one of Gramma's Stampin' Up! boxes!!

When Gramma needed to get a bit of computer work done, she sat right there with 
me and played a game on the ipad.  What a sweet day with a special girl!
I love you Gracie!!

Oh, were you wondering how the cake turned out?
Take a look see at the requested pink and purple butterfly...
Thanks For Stopping By!

Have a Blessed Day!!

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