Women's Retreat

Monday, March 21, 2011
It was my pleasure to once again serve on the committee for the annual Women's Retreat at our church. This year we had 106 ladies join us at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center in Holland, MI for an AMAZING time of learning more about our God, the Great I AM.

My particular role on the committee was in the form of 'favors' for the ladies. We do our best to make the ladies feel pampered and loved on. All the way from how they are greeted when they arrive, and a little chocolate treat on their pillow to decorating the meeting room and giving them a treat when they arrive...
These are the goodie bags each lady found in their room on their beds
filled with some yummy goodies to get them through the weekend snack attacks.

At every session they received a treat. Starting with Friday evening these are the items they started out with.
A Prayer journal and highlighter that we would be using throughout the weekend,

Fancy packaging for the post-it notes that we would use in our journals,

A water bottle with a bottle neck favor and packets of Crystal Light lemonade

Haworth Inn and Conference Center treated us well with a delicious dinner of pretzel crusted chicken, potatoes, veggies, and this yummy salad and rolls.

I thought these butter balls were so cute.

Our speaker was Unbelievably inspiring and humorous all at the same time...

The music was uplifting...

Our pastors wife lead us in understanding how our prayer journals would work for us to help us stay connected to the Great I AM.

On Saturday just prior to lunch we have a habit to schedule a Discipline of Silence. As a woman you know how hard it can be sometimes to be silent, but this has come to be everyone's favorite time where we can reflect on what we had learned up until then and spend some time in prayer. Who would think 45 minutes could go by so quickly and you are wishing for more.

An an after lunch chocolate treat...
I think they picked these with me in mind :)

At breakfast the ladies found a set of 2 CD's on the Lord's Prayer, but I forgot to take a picture.

Finishing up the day with praise and worship through song. How beautiful to hear 106 ladies lifting their voices up in worship.
After clean up time we spent some fun about-town shopping in the quaint stores of downtown Holland.

So thankful to be a part of this amazing time. Already looking forward to next year.

Have a Blessed Day!!


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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the large black & white table squares along with the smaller yellow table squares. What kind of fabric / material was used to make these? Thank you!

Unknown said...

I love the large black and white table squares too. Where did you get the material for that?

Christi said...

The black and white center squares is actually wrapping paper that we purchased as Hobby Lobby. A good strong quality

Unknown said...

Hello Christi,

How did you make those water bottle pockets? Did you buy those made? or did you make them yourself?

Christi said...

Check out this link I found on Pinterest.

Unknown said...

Hi I love the prayer journals and note pads where did you get them from??

Christi said...

Mia, The prayer journal was purchased at our local dollar store and then we just dolled it up a bit.
The Post it note holder is the basic design. You can go to youtube.com and choose the style that works best for you. There is a ton of videos to help you out

Unknown said...

Where did you get the bottle neck favors?

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