The Kitchen Fairy Strikes Again!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

 Every cake decorator should have her very own "kitchen fairy"
Making the cakes for Joey and Melissa's wedding last Saturday was a big task
on top of helping with the decorating and, and, and.... well, you get the idea.

I'm ready to get started...
 I've gathered the ingredients...
(yes I use cake mixes as my base) 
LOTS of eggs and a
Super Sized Canola Oil

I would show you more but I don't want to give away my secrets!!

Doesn't this just make you want to lick the bowl (or beater)!! (or both!!)
Here are a few of the cakes ready for the oven(s)
I am so thankful to have my second oven up and running
and that my main oven is a convection oven.  It saved me TONS of time!
Cakes out and cooling
 One of the best parts of baking a cake is the "lucky leftovers"
 Melissa, aka the "Kitchen Fairy", was thrilled to take some home to her family.  
Questions is... will they actually make it home to the kids!!

Yummy fruit filling for all the cakes

 Time to prepare the frosting...
Once again, I will only show you the base ingredients - can't give away any secrets!!
I have all the tools at my finger tips to get the task done...

Here are a couple BEFORE photos - Before the Kitchen Fairy 
swooped in to save the day!!


She's come to save the day!
"YUCK! What am I going to do with this MESS!!"
Scrub and Shine!!  Not only did Melissa clean up my Wedding Cake mess
she also cleaned my floor and vacuumed the living room.


What was I doing while she worked so hard?  
Well, I took a much needed shower and then was instructed to 
"get off your feet and relax"
So I DID!!

Thank you Kitchen Fairy!!

Bet you think I left something out...
The CAKE!!
OK, this is just a teaser
Come back on Wednesday to see the finished product.
And a sweet photo of the bride and groom.

Thanks For Stopping By!

Have a Blessed Day!!

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Anonymous said...

I so love being your kitchen fairy. I am more than thrilled to stop on wednesday to see what I am missing :). Actually I thought the cupcakes were my cake. The kids each got one of each flavor. Doug had 4 right after work, I had about 8. Always willing to help you where and when I can. With much love and friendship. Your kitchen fairy. Melissa P.

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