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Friday, August 31, 2012
It's hard to believe that only four weeks ago we were hectically trying to pull the final touches together for Joey and Melissa's wedding and now here they are, back from their honeymoon to Grand Cayman Islands and settled back into the routine life of work and every day responsibilities.

One of the biggest treats for me was that three of my former day care families attended the wedding and it was so great to catch up with them.

Kelly was the first baby that I had and she is the one I quit my job to care for.  Now, look how grown up and beautiful she is!  She even caught the brides bouquet!!  Must be all that Softball experience she has.
 Left to right - Kelly, Auntie (me), Joey, and Lake
Lake and Kelly are brother and sister - you can probably tell by their 
strawberry blonde hair color.
When Lake was little we would say "what color is your hair, Lake?" 
and he would say "orange"  But the way he said it came out so cute.
 This is Kelly and Lake's mom, Jenny, with our grand daughter, Gracie. 
Gracie and Tyler also hold a great fondness for these families.  
Kelly has even been a baby sitter for Tyler and Gracie once or twice.
 Lake and Joey (we affectionately call him "little Joey" because our Joey was "Big Joey")
are only 14 months apart in age, but Lake is big for his age and Joey is small for his age.
 But they are still the best of buds!!
Lake is just a 'hair' taller than his dad already at age 13, well, 13 and 3/4!!

This is little Eli.  He was one of the last crew to be at Auntie's house.
and ironically enough - he is the son of Melissa's cousin, Amber, who was such a HUGE help to me when kids like Kelly, Lake and Joey were in my care.  When our Joey had a ball game, Amber would come and stay with the kids until the parents came home, and ended up being a babysitter for those families as well in the evenings.  I always called Eli my 'second generation' child care even though I never cared for Amber in a day care capacity, but we sure did spend a lot of fun times together.

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